Emory University Initiatives Support Actions to Address Climate Change

Emory University’s sustainability initiatives illustrate the University’s long-standing commitment to sound environmental policies. Built around development of a model for healthy living on campus that translates to communities around the globe, Emory’s initiatives set an example for an ethical approach to creating a healthy and productive place to live, learn and work.

“As president of Emory University and a public health scientist, I believe global climate change is a significant threat to international public health,” says Claire E. Sterk, president of Emory. “I join with a consensus of scientists around the world in calling for immediate action and necessary policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to hold the rise of global temperatures to well below 2 degrees Celsius to avoid the most damaging impacts to our planet.”

Emory is rated “Gold” by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), and currently ranked third in the United States by AASHE among Association of American Universities (AAU) schools for comprehensive sustainability programs.

“Many of these initiatives by Emory and others have led to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while helping our economy by reducing waste and increasing efficiency,” says Sterk. “I am pleased to join other universities, businesses and municipalities in continuing to invest in energy efficiency, transportation alternatives, food waste reduction, water conservation and other measures that will lead to greenhouse gas reduction and a healthier, safer environment for us all.”

By Claire E. Sterk, Emory President
Emory Report
July 6, 2017

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