Setting a standard for a sustainable future

Emory has a variety of University-wide programs and initiatives addressing issues related to sustainability. These were developed to assist the University in establishing sustainability-related goals and policies and managing the progress towards these goals. Many projects on campus are underway as a result of these efforts. Over time, additional programs and services may be developed as we expand our sustainability capabilities.

How Are We Doing?

Emory is creating a culture of sustainability, and it shows. Since 2005, Emory has reduced its energy use by over 25% per square foot, saving over $25 million. 40% of the food served in Emory Dining locations is sourced locally and/or sustainably. Emory’s Cliff shuttle system transports millions of riders annually using biofuel from recycled cooking oil, and the WaterHub continues to win awards for its water conservation and recycling. And this is just the beginning. Emory is making a difference in Atlanta and beyond, thanks to the strength of its sustainability-focused community. Learn more

Interactive Map

Emory’s beautiful campuses are at the heart of its sustainability movement. The Atlanta campus, which is where the Office of Sustainability Initiatives is located, is about six miles from downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Oxford College is 38 miles east of Atlanta and is the site of the Oxford Organic Farm, which is one of the top 30 sustainable college-run farms in the country. Learn more