Pollinator Protection Week 2021 – Ways to Help Pollinators!

In our last post, we focused on the different threats facing pollinators. Today, we’re featuring some easy ways for you to get involved in pollinator conservation at home or in your local green spaces. Reducing pesticide use Pesticides work to target and kill unwanted or invasive species, but the application of these chemicals can severely … Continue Reading →

Emory Sustainability Virtual Celebration Recap & Video Segments

As a part of Emory’s Earth Month, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives hosted the Emory Sustainability Virtual Celebration on Friday, April 23. Over 70 of you joined to celebrate major accomplishments from the past 15 years, Lifetime Achievement Award and Sustainability Innovator Award winners, work of student sustainability leaders and much more. Couldn’t make it? … Continue Reading →

Youth Advocates for Climate Activism Leading Resistance Movements

By: Kelly Li, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives   In the final week of Climate Awareness Month, OSI recognizes youth climate activists that are serving our society and the environment in critical ways. In this article, six amazing global climate activists are highlighted for their transformational work in their respective realms. Coming from … Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Ambassador Blog: Small Zero Waste Habits to Implement at Home

Small Zero Waste Habits to Implement at Home By: Michelle Ly, Senior in Emory College, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Major Recently, I’ve been reflecting on how I got interested in practicing a zero waste lifestyle. When did this passion for reducing waste start and how did it start? Looking back to my childhood, I’ve realized … Continue Reading →

Emory Alumni in Climate Action

By Aaron Klingensmith, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives This Climate Awareness and Women’s History Month, OSI is highlighting the contributions of some seasoned professionals and recent Emory graduates to local, national and global climate action work. These leaders are dedicated to working toward a more sustainable and environmentally just society, and they are … Continue Reading →

Emory Sustainability Faculty Fellows Applying Climate Research and Engaging Students in Climate Solutions

By: Rachel Musetti, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives Each year, Emory’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) recognizes March as Climate Awareness Month, in addition to recognizing Women’s History Month. While we work to honor women around the world for their contributions, we are so inspired by our own leaders here at Emory as … Continue Reading →

Global and Local Women Leading Decades of Climate Action

By: Kristin Kuwada, Communications & Marketing Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives During Women’s History and Climate Awareness Month, we are humbly learning about the work of less often recognized, seasoned climate activists who have all transformed the hearts, minds and places of their communities. From writing influential books and critical reports to founding organizations that … Continue Reading →

Adventures in Green Networking Panel Recordings

These green career panels were recorded in a series during the month of February 2021 as a part of Adventures in Green Networking. The event series was co-hosted by The Career Center, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, the Emory Alumni Environmental Network and the Department of Environmental Sciences to offer students an opportunity to learn … Continue Reading →

A Stranger in Your Own House

By: Eden Yonas, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives We thrive off of common experiences; experiences that validate our identity and our being. That is why culture, particularly the diversity of culture and representation, is so important. Without that to share with people, without that unifying experience that makes a stranger a friend, we … Continue Reading →

Remembering Mayor Carl B. Stokes for Bringing National Attention to Water Quality and Environmental Justice

By: Rachel Musetti, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives The Cuyahoga River begins in northeastern Geauga County, Ohio and continues into Akron, running both south and west, before turning back north to Cleveland on Lake Erie. In the middle of the twentieth century, the Cuyahoga River was notoriously one of the most polluted rivers … Continue Reading →