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Helpful Documents and Links for Current and Prospective Students

Title Initiative Type Description
2019 Annual Energy & Utilities Report, Documents & ReportsIn 2019, Emory continued to make progress on its 2025 Sustainability Vision goals to reduce energy use per square foot (EUI) by 50 percent and overall energy consumption by 25 percent by 2025. From a 2015 baseline, in 2019 Emory achieved an EUI reduction of 9.4% and a total energy use reduction of 8.7%. Emory also aims to reduce potable water consumption by 50% by 2025 and has made great progress through the five years utilizing the WaterHub to replace potable water in utilities systems with reclaimed water. Emory is committed to self-generating 10% of energy needed on campus, and currently has installed over 1.36MW of solar and co-generation. The 2025 total energy use reduction goal of 25% challenges Emory to reduce energy consumption while also meeting its current building expansion plans. The design and construction standards for new buildings, with a LEED Silver minimum requirement, have contributed to the EUI goal to date. In addition to energy efficiency in new construction, renovations, recommissioning, LED lighting upgrades, Emory’s Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund projects, and participation in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Labs Accelerator program have all pushed Emory forward toward our ambitious goals.
2019 Communications & Marketing Intern Position DescriptionFall 2019 Communications & Marketing Intern Position Description
2019 General Sustainability Intern Position Description2019 General Sustainability Intern Position Description
2019 Sustainability Behavior Change Programming Intern Position Description2019 Sustainability Behavior Change Programming Intern Position Description
2019 Sustainable Food & Farmers Market Intern Position Description2019 Sustainable Food & Farmers Market Intern Position Description
2020-2021 General Sustainability & Social Justice Incentives Fund ApplicationDocuments & Reports
Catering Guidelines for Sustainable Food, , GuidesTwo-page summary providing suggestions for more sustainable catering options.
Emory community makes progress on ‘zero landfill waste’ goalDocuments & ReportsEmory makes significant progress on their goal to divert 95 percent of campus waste from municipal landfills by 2025. In 2018, Emory’s campus diverted 70 percent of its waste from landfills, an increase from 59 percent diverted during 2017, before implementation of the 2018 Waste Management Policy.
Emory University 2018 Waste Policy FAQsDocuments & Reports, GuidesThe Emory Waste Policy was developed by Emory’s Waste Think Thank, made up of experts in a variety of Emory departments, and is supported by the President’s Leadership Council, the University Senate, and unit Deans. The policy is being jointly implemented by Campus Services and the Office of Sustainability Initiatives.
Emory University Climate Action PlanDocuments & ReportsClimate change is perhaps the greatest challenge to confront humanity in our lifetime, with the well-being of billions of people at risk. Emory University created a climate action plan adopted in 2011 to guide the University toward carbon reduction goals.
Recycling and Composting at Emory UniversityGuidesLandfills have negative social, economic, and environmental impacts on neighboring lowerincome, historically disadvantaged communities. Landfills contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and can leak harmful toxins into the surrounding environment. Learn about recycling and composting at Emory with this helpful brochure!
Spring 2020 QTM Internship for Credit – Data AssistantDocuments & Reports
Summer 2020 Communications & Marketing Intern PositionDocuments & ReportsFor summer 2020, OSI is looking to hire an Emory graduate or undergraduate student to assist with ongoing and project-based communications and marketing needs. Applications are due by 8:00am on Friday, March 27, 2020.
Summer 2020 General Sustainability Intern PositionsDocuments & ReportsFor summer 2020, OSI is looking to hire multiple Emory graduate and undergraduate students to assist with running programs, research and data collection, outreach, and communications. Applications are due by 8:00am on Friday, March 27, 2020.