Campus gardens feed, educate and nourish the Emory community

By Raven Crosby, General Sustainability & Gardens Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives Tucked into different corners of Emory’s Atlanta campus are eight small communal gardens overflowing with produce, herbs and flowers. Operated by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI), these inconspicuous parcels are home to the Emory Educational Garden Project, an initiative that makes small-scale … Continue Reading →

Drifting Through the Plastics Crisis: Plastics and Environmental Justice

By Nithya Narayanaswamy, rising junior at Emory College and Co-Founder of Plastic Free Emory. “Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag,  Drifting through the wind,  Wanting to start again?”   If you sang those Katy Perry lyrics in your head, congratulations. While you most certainly are a firework, baby, you are probably also an … Continue Reading →

Pollinator Protection Week 2021 – Ways to Help Pollinators!

In our last post, we focused on the different threats facing pollinators. Today, we’re featuring some easy ways for you to get involved in pollinator conservation at home or in your local green spaces. Reducing pesticide use Pesticides work to target and kill unwanted or invasive species, but the application of these chemicals can severely … Continue Reading →

Oxford College’s Green Pioneers, Steve Baker and Eloise Carter, Retiring

By: Rachel Musetti, General Sustainability Intern When OSI became aware of the impending retirement of Dr. Baker and Dr. Carter, we found it impossible not to reflect on their impressive sustainability legacies. Dr. Baker and Dr. Carter led both Oxford College and Emory University to champion sustainability efforts in the southeastern United States, largely due … Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Ambassador Blog: My Changed Perceptions on Waste

My Changed Perceptions on Waste By: Layth Mattar, Senior in Emory College, Arabic and Biology double-major  Emory, and its community, has been an extremely impactful part of the last four years of my life. It has changed my understanding on a variety of subjects ranging from science to society. I feel like something all undergraduates … Continue Reading →

Emory Student Groups Promote On-Campus Climate Awareness & Action

By: Clare McCarthy, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives During this Climate Awareness Month, OSI highlighted inspiring women and young activists across the globe who have made invaluable contributions to sustainability and climate action movements, as well as Emory faculty and alumni who are engaged in important climate-related work. We are finishing our Climate … Continue Reading →

Youth Advocates for Climate Activism Leading Resistance Movements

By: Kelly Li, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives   In the final week of Climate Awareness Month, OSI recognizes youth climate activists that are serving our society and the environment in critical ways. In this article, six amazing global climate activists are highlighted for their transformational work in their respective realms. Coming from … Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Ambassador Blog: Eco-Ableism in the Zero Waste Movement

Eco-Ableism in the Zero Waste Movement By: Alexandra Aladham, First Year at Oxford College, Environmental Sciences Major Since the early 2000’s, the world has seen a push toward zero waste lifestyles and policies in an effort to curb irresponsible production, waste, and consumption. The Zero Waste Movement has aligned itself with these efforts, aiming to … Continue Reading →

Emory Alumni in Climate Action

By Aaron Klingensmith, General Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability Initiatives This Climate Awareness and Women’s History Month, OSI is highlighting the contributions of some seasoned professionals and recent Emory graduates to local, national and global climate action work. These leaders are dedicated to working toward a more sustainable and environmentally just society, and they are … Continue Reading →