Oxford Organic Farm

Learning through sustainable farming

Oxford Farm Highlights

Located on the edge of Oxford campus, the Emory Oxford Organic Farm was created in 2014 after the donation of eleven acres of land from an Emory alumnus. Organic, fresh food is grown both for Emory’s campuses and the surrounding community.

As a focal point for Emory’s food system and an interactive outdoor classroom, the Oxford Organic farm has quickly earned a place on the list of Top 30 Sustainable College-Run Farms in the country.

Oxford Farm Benefits

The farm grows a large variety of produce, which is distributed throughout Emory dining halls, Farmers Markets, and a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The farm is USDA Organic certified and utilizes regenerative soil techniques, offering significant ecological benefits for soil health and plant biodiversity.

How It Works

Several classes on the Oxford campus take advantage of the Oxford Organic Farm as a unique and valuable classroom setting. Students across disciplines have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture.

  • Dr. Derek Shannon’s Sociology of Food class spends the semester immersed in the food system, from growing food on the Oxford Organic Farm to serving at the local food bank to which it donates.
  • Environmental Science students participate in a soils lab, discussing how scientific methods are used at the Oxford Organic Farm for proper soil fertility.
  • Three student interns focus on the Oxford Organic Farm’s local school field trip program that ties farm-related topics to school curriculums.