of students report increased awareness of social justice issues while at Emory

Angela Jiang

“The Sustainable Events checklist keeps me in check when I thought our event was exemplifying sustainable practices as it was – the checklist goes above and beyond all considerations for an event in a convenient way that celebrates sustainable event … Continue Reading →

Candice McLean

“The most informative part of the [Sustainable Events Showcase] was the discussion panel and learning about Campus Kitchens and how food leftover from university events can be used to feed the homeless. Such a small act but a beautiful and … Continue Reading →

Hannah Schultz

“At the School of Theology, I study the intersection of social justice, religion, and the environment and am especially passionate about issues of food security and access. Emory’s Farmers Market is the perfect place for people to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, build connections with those … Continue Reading →

Jamie Nadler

“The sustainable events planning process has allowed me to really analyze the impact of the events I was having, and it has demonstrated to me where I can make easy changes that make a huge difference. It also has allowed me … Continue Reading →