Living Wage

Committed to fair compensation for all employees and contractors


  • All Emory employees receive an hourly wage above the current federal poverty level, and most receive above the local living wage of $16.07 per hour.
  • All Emory employees receive a benefits package that includes medical benefits, basic life insurance, 403(b) retirement, and eligibility for a free sustainable commute transit pass.
  • Emory’s entry level wage is above $11.87, which is the current federal poverty level expressed as an hourly rate.

“Poverty . . . is a sustainability challenge even in highly developed countries. By providing employees wages and benefits that meet basic needs, a university . . . can enfranchise its entire workforce so that each individual can contribute positively and productively to the community.”

– Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education


  • As of 2021, 92.40% of employees, including regular full-time, regular part-time, and temporary workers, received a living wage.

How It Works

  • $17.77 is the local living wage for Emory area employees with a family of four, according to the MIT Living Wage Calculator.


of on-site contracted employees receive a living wage