Sustainable Investment

Responsible and ethical investments have local and global impacts


“Emory University does not currently hold direct stock in public companies producing fossil fuels, based on information compiled and maintained by Fossil Free Indexes.  Emory holds many investments in sustainable businesses and businesses with exemplary sustainability performance.” – 2025 Sustainability Vision

Emory invests over $70 million of its total investment pool of $5.9 billion in green tech, conservation, renewable energy, energy optimization, energy efficiency,  and sustainable forestry.


Sustainable investing strategies can have positive impacts like:

  • improving the long-term health of endowments
  • encouraging better corporate behavior
  • supporting innovation in sustainable products and services
  • supporting sustainability in the community
  • contributing to a more just and sustainable financial system

How It Works

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education recognizes the impact of universities that:

  • establish a multi-stakeholder Committee on Investor Responsibility that can help campuses make responsible investment decisions that promote sustainability;
  • use their investment power to promote sustainability through positive investments and active investor engagement;
  • and make investment holdings publicly available to encourage transparency and accountability as a learning tool for students.