Presenting the Hickman Lab – A Gold Certified Green Lab!

By Ramsey Baden | August 26, 2018

Pictured from left to right: Courtney Thomas, Ognenka Avramovska, Rema Elmostafa, Amanda Shurzinske.

Emory’s Department of Biology is one of the most active in the country for a reason – there will always be questions waiting to be answered in the life sciences! The Hickman Lab is a biology lab that focuses on fungi: how they reproduce and how they respond to antifungal drugs. And since it’s a Green Lab, it is doing this research with sustainability in mind!
The Hickman Lab has taken a common-sense approach to sustainability practices that sets an example for other labs at Emory. They have an organized recycling sorting system that uses clearly-labeled bins, pictured below. In addition, they have used power strips to group equipment together (such as centrifuges) to centralize and reduce power consumption more effectively.

The Hickman Lab sorts its recycling into bins for co-mingled recycling, white paper, and cold packs.

One of the most important things that the lab does is spread the word about sustainability to others. Courtney Thomas, the Hickman Lab Manager, says that “when we bring people into the lab, we look for people who match our values. We try and lead by example.” As a Gold certified Green Lab, the Hickman Lab is certainly doing just that. To read more about the Green Labs program, click here.

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