New Electric Vehicle Charging Station on Oxford Road

From Transportation and Parking Services | Sept. 10, 2019

Transportation and Parking Services recently announced the installation of a new EV charging station located on Oxford Road, directly outside of the Barnes and Noble on Emory’s main campus. Now the fourth EV charger on main campus, this station is equipped with two ports and offers fast charging capabilities.  

The charger—known as a CPE250 or ChargePoint Express—is unique from the other Level II EV stations on campus in that it is classified as a DC fast charger. While Level II chargers are ideal for longer stops and take about 3.5 hours to charge an 80-mile battery, DC fast chargers support on-the-go charging and typically only require about 30 minutes for an 80-mile battery. The charging rate is $0.25/minute and payment options include a ChargePoint pre-paid card or credit card.

Adele Clements, Senior Director of Emory’s Transportation and Parking Services, noted, “The great thing about this charger is that it’s close to the core of campus. It’s open for charging 24/7, which not only makes it easily accessible for those on campus, but for anyone in the local community as well.” Since its installation in April 2019, the unit has contributed to a 17% increase in greenhouse gas emission savings and drawn over 42% of the total charging sessions among all EV stations on Emory’s main campus.

The addition of this charger is already proving to be beneficial to both EV users and the University. Drivers now have easy access to a fast-charging station, making commutes easier while also contributing to the University’s broader effort to promote sustainable transportation.

More information can be found on the Transportation and Parking Services website. Electric vehicle owners will be able to use services to see the availability of the charging station.

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