Get a Ride and Money in Your Pocket with Emory’s Commute Alternatives Program

By Leslie King | July 31, 2018

Emory Transportation and Parking Services offers a Commute Alternatives Program (CAP) that saves employees money and links to the state’s Georgia Commute Options program for even more financial incentives to give up driving solo to work.

“Whether you carpool, vanpool, take public transit or one of our Emory commuter shuttles, walk or bike, CAP saves a lot of money compared to driving alone to work,” says Jessica Wang, transportation program coordinator at Emory TPS.

Options and incentives include the following:

  • For public transit, Emory University will pay for an unlimited monthly pass. Emory Healthcare subsidizes it over 80 percent.
  • For carpools, Emory heavily discounts parking, including free parking for carpools with three or more members.
  • For vanpools, Emory increased the subsidy this year to $100 per seat each month.
  • Emory also provides free parking at North or South DeKalb malls and a shuttle service to bring employees from their cars to campus.

“No matter what they choose, they’ll receive a back-up benefit that allows them to park on campus for free, assigned to their current deck, up to 20 times a year in the event that they do need to drive,” Wang notes.

Read more at the Emory Report.

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