Earth Month Recycling Day at Emory Point

By Kristen Kaufman | May 27, 2018

An Emory Recycling Ambassador helps a community member unload her trunk.

On April 18th, members of the Clifton Corridor community convened at Emory Point to celebrate Earth Month with a recycling event. Earth Month Recycling Day at Emory Point is a daylong event that invites the public to dispose of unwanted household items, providing a chance for local community members to recycle hard-to-recycle items. Items collected range from textiles, games/toys, kitchen materials, and furniture to paints, aerosols, batteries, bulbs, and tires.

At the event this year, a total of 17,400 pounds, or 8.7 tons, of  of materials were recycled and diverted from a landfill! Below are collection highlights from this year’s event:

  •  7,350 pounds of laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, wires, metals, batteries, and other miscellaneous electronics
  • 4,117 pounds of paint, including 358 cans, diverted from the landfills
  • 3,200 pounds of paper shredding and glass, including 11 carts of paper shredding and 5 carts of glass recycling
  • 940 pounds of other miscellaneous paper, plastic, and metal
  • 50 pounds of fluorescent, halogen, LED, and incandescent light bulbs, totaling 110 units
  • 15 pounds of polystyrene foam, or Styrofoam®
  • 7.5 pounds of plastic film
  • 1,720 pounds of other miscellaneous recyclable metal and construction debris
  • 88 donations for Goodwill, including books, movies, clothing, linens, toys, kitchen materials, and furniture

Emory Point coordinated with the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, Emory Recycles and the CDC’s sustainability officec to plan the event. Emory Recycles, the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), Pratt Industries, Premier Surplus and Goodwill Industries partnered to recycles the broad range of materials.

The CHaRM truck parked at Emory Point, where it collected hard-to-recycle items.
Electronic waste for Premier Surplus to recycle.
Representatives from Goodwill enjoying the sunny day at the event.

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