Earth Month 2022: Emory Virtual Sustainability Celebration Recap and Video segments

In honor of Earth Month, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives hosted its second Virtual Sustainability Celebration on April 15, 2022. This event honored Emory sustainability champions through Sustainability Innovator and Lifetime Achievement awards and highlighted the work of OSI and other faculty, students, and staff in advancing Emory’s sustainability goals. If you were unable attend, you can watch the recording of the event, which is broken into the following segments:

Introduction and OSI Updates

  • Land & People’s Acknowledgement
  • Resilience, Sustainability, and Economic Inclusion Team Member Introduction
  • Celebration of Sustainability Rankings and Institutional Commitments
  • Innovative Sustainability Partnership Models
    • Student Advocacy by Plastic Free Emory
    • Working Farms Fund
    • Goodr Co.
  • Following Emory’s Waste Destinations

Student Sustainability Showcase

OSI 2021-2022 Incentives Fund Program

Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • David Furhman
  • Adrian Jackson

Sustainability Innovator Awards, Outstanding Representative Award, and Looking Forward

  • 2022 Roberts S. Hascall Sustainability Innovator and Outstanding Sustainability Representative Awards
    • Faculty: Dr. David Lynn and Daniel Parson
    • Staff: Alan Anderson and Lucy Williams
    • Healthcare: Joseph Abdallah and Samantha Smith
    • Graduate Students: Lisette Corbin, Hannah Hoff, and Allison Smith
    • Undergraduate Students: Nicholas Chang and Clare McCarthy
    • Outstanding Sustainability Representative: Dwight Raby
  • Looking Forward
  • Closing Comments from Attendees

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