Sustainable Studies

Integrating sustainability into everything we do

Sustainable Studies Highlights

Integrating sustainability into the academic realm has been a priority for years, and with a legacy of leadership and ambitious goals for the future, we aim to give every student and member of our community an understanding and appreciation of sustainability and their role making our world healthier.

By 2025, we will develop tools for assessing student competencies across the domains of sustainability while continuing to integrate sustainability into academic programs, degrees and experiential learning opportunities to assure universal sustainability literacy.

Sustainable Studies Benefits

The Turner Environmental Law Clinic provides important pro bono legal representation to individuals, community groups and nonprofit organizations that seek to protect and restore the natural environment for the benefit of the public. Through its work, the clinic offers students an intense, hands-on introduction to environmental law and trains the next generation of environmental attorneys.

How It Works

Whether you plan to become a business leader or a biologist, earning a minor in sustainability studies will help you became a leader in environmental action. Discover the benefits and requirements of this academic opportunity.