Sustainability in the Curriculum

Inspiring sustainability leaders in the classroom

Curriculum Highlights

Integrating sustainability into the academic realm has been a priority for Emory for years, and with a legacy of institutional sustainability leadership and ambitious goals for the future, we provide every student the opportunity to explore sustainable topics in the classroom and to become a part of solution-making through experiential learning and campus engagement.

In 2019, 58.82% of departments offered sustainability courses.

With numerous engaging opportunities to delve into sustainability-related topics, Emory’s campus is truly a living laboratory which develops both students’ and faculty members’ abilities to connect sustainability to their primary disciplines and fosters a dynamic, sustainability-oriented learning community. 

Curriculum Benefits

  • With courses in several departments creating opportunities for creative research and projects, Emory’s campus becomes a living laboratory for student learning in sustainability. Students engage in applied research, connecting knowledge gained in the classroom to actively advancing sustainability on campus.
  • Emory’s diverse offerings of sustainability learning opportunities train students to become versatile leaders in environmental action. Sustainability courses prepare students for the working world, where interdisciplinary thought and action are often required. At least one of these numerous offerings is sure to meet any student’s unique interests, no matter their primary discipline. 
  • Students can enroll in one of the sustainability-related and -focused courses offered in their school: “Foundations of Sustainability,” the “Sustainable Food Fair” planning course, “Business & Society,” “Environmental Law,” “Global Environmental Health Policy: Power, Science & Justice,” and many more.

How It Works