Climate Action Plan as a Living Document

For nearly two years, dozens of stakeholders have been working to fulfill Emory’s commitment to post a Climate Action Plan (CAP) by October, 13 2023. We are so grateful for the efforts and contributions of students, faculty, staff and community members who:

  • Contributed data to our 2022 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
  • Participated in one or more of eleven Climate Action Task Force Meetings
  • Participated in one of more of the six Community Conversations, facilitated by Director of Inclusion at Emory College, Ed Lee III
  • Contributed to the Resilience Workshop, resulting in our Resilience Assessment
  • Responded to a climate justice survey that is presented in our Climate Equity Engagement Action and Background Reports
  • Submitted written feedback over the past two weeks following the release of the DRAFT Climate Action Plan
  • Contributed to the Climate Anxiety Resources and Climate Art CAP Addenda

Because we continue to receive valuable feedback and in 2024 Emory will initiate the next Sustainability Strategic Plan and Vision, we have determined it is best to continue to accept comments on the CAP through the end of the year and use them as the starting point for the Sustainability Strategic Plan and Vision and updated Climate Action Plan. In short, the Climate Action Plan is a dynamic “living” document, and ongoing comment and review by the community is welcomed, invited, and will strengthen the CAP.   Please submit all comments to Anna Brachey at

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