Call to Action: Fulton County Single-use Plastics Vote on Wednesday, June 19th

In their next meeting on June 19th, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners is voting on the resolution to phase out “single-use plastics” in all county-owned, -operated and -leased facilities.

According to the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, the vast majority of plastics are not recycled, and much of it ends up in our waterways, including the Chattahoochee River, where it can harm our drinking water and wildlife. So far in 2019, they have removed an alarming 33 tons of litter from the Chattahoochee watershed.

If you are a resident of Fulton County, call your representatives today to show your support of the resolution to reduce single-use plastics in Fulton County facilities. If you live outside of Fulton, you can still contact your representatives to urge them to pass a similar resolution in your county.

Help protect our precious water sources and reduce unnecessary waste by contacting your commissioner today.

Robb Pitts, Chairman:, 404-613-2330

Lee Morris, Vice Chairman, District 3:, 404-612-9800

Liz Hausmann, District 1:, 404-612-8213

Bob Ellis, District 2:, 404-612-8216

Natalie Hall, District 4:, 404-612-8227

Marvin S. Arrington, Jr., District 5:, 404-613-0200

Emma I. Darnell, District 6:, 404-612-8222

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