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Green Offices at Emory is a voluntary program designed to assist Emory employees in improving the sustainability of Emory’s work spaces. Development of the Green Offices at Emory program began in 2013 as a collaborative effort by the university’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives, Campus Services, Office of Procurement, and with essential assistance from representatives of various departments across Emory’s campus. A Green Offices at Emory Pilot Program was launched in November 2013 with 12 offices, and the university-wide program launched in January 2016.

Green Offices at Emory aims for office sustainability in three target areas: energy and water efficiency and conservation, recycling and waste reduction, and procurement; with additional focus on sustainable events, a safe and healthy work environment, and creating a culture of office sustainability through communications and participation in sustainability initiatives at Emory. A Green Office Checklist contains actionable items within these target areas with a corresponding Green Office Guidance Document providing additional resources and information to guide offices through the action items they have committed to. A Green Office Incentives Fund has been established for offices to apply to cover the costs of new sustainable practices or innovations. Participating offices are recognized with door medallions, publication on the Green Offices website, and recognition in internal publications.

Step 1: Learn what sustainable actions your office can adopt, and tell us what you’re already doing, by filling out the Green Offices at Emory Checklist and consulting the companion Green Offices at Emory Guidance Document. The Green Office Point Allocation document, which accompanies the checklist, gives additional details about how points are assigned.

Step 2: Take Action by submitting the checklist and receiving a certification level. Detailed instructions are on the checklist.

Step 3: Earn Recognition for taking action to make more sustainable choices in your office. The Green Offices at Emory Team will review your checklist and award your office with a certification level. You will receive recognition through the Green Offices at Emory webpage, internal Emory communications, and with visible office signage and graphics provided to you.

Step 4: Apply for funding to implement the actions on your checklist and new innovations by submitting a Green Office Incentives Fund Application. 2017-2018 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN AND DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON OCTOBER 4, 2017. DOWNLOAD AND SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION HERE.

For questions about Green Offices at Emory contact greenoffices@emory.edu. Also email to request sustainability decals, available to anyone, to start promoting sustainable behaviors in your own work space. Download a Green Offices at Emory one-page description here.

Green Office Incentives Fund
The Green Office Incentives Fund supports work spaces participating in the Green Offices at Emory Program by funding sustainable processes and procedures in Emory’s work spaces. Creative proposals are welcomed for initiatives that seek new knowledge, support new behavior patterns, and make sustainable practices feasible.

Grants may be awarded in three categories: up to $3,000 are available for projects supporting General Sustainability and Social Justice, and up to $5,000 are available for projects supporting certified Green Offices or certified Green Labs.

To apply for a General Sustainability and Social Justice Incentives Fund, visit the General Incentives Fund website for details.

To apply for a Green Lab Incentives Fund, the participating lab must also submit for certification by the Incentives Fund deadline. Visit the Green Labs at Emory web page for instructions, application materials, and a list of past funded projects.


The Green Office Incentives Fund supports work spaces participating in the Green Offices at Emory Program by making funds available for implementing sustainable processes and procedures in Emory’s offices. Creative proposals are welcomed for initiatives that seek new knowledge, support new behavior patterns, and make sustainable practices feasible. Grants may be awarded up to $5,000. Faculty, staff, and students from work spaces in Emory University and Emory Healthcare are eligible to apply for the Green Office Incentives Fund.

Applications are now CLOSED for the 2017-2018 program. Please check back in September 2018.

All faculty, staff and students at Emory, including Emory Healthcare and Oxford College, are eligible to apply. Team applications are encouraged. All student applications must include approval from a faculty advisor.

Funds may be used for supplies, materials, publicity, and travel costs supporting approved projects, research, and rituals, which must be carried out on an Emory University, Emory Healthcare, or Oxford College campus or facility.

Application review process:
A committee of faculty, staff, and students select grant recipients based on the following criteria:

1. Relevance of the project to Emory's 2015-2025 Sustainability Vision and/or Emory's Climate Action Plan
2. Clarity and feasibility of the proposal, including clear goals and objectives
3. Sustained impact and reach of proposed project
4. Innovation and creativity to address complex sustainability-related challenges
5. Relevant skills and experience of project personnel

If not selected, applicants may request feedback to help guide future grant requests.

To apply for a Green Office Incentives Fund, the participating work space must also submit for certification by the Incentives Fund deadline. Please see the "How to Participate" section above for details of certification and funding applications.

Questions? Contact greenoffices@emory.edu.

Past Green Office Incentives Fund Projects

Installing Motion Sensors in the Miller Ward Alumni House (Team leader – Alison Agnew): Added motion sensors to the four public restrooms in this heavily trafficked building to reduce energy use when the rooms are not in use
Residence Life and Housing: Workspace Additions for a Lively, Leafy Environment (Team leader – Tyler Stern): Integrated indoor plants into the Residence Life office to improve indoor air quality, human health and comfort in the office
Cox Hall Re-balancing Recycling Centers (Team Leader – Dawn Francis-Chewning):Expanded recycling and composting in Student Digital Life to complete a comprehensive Cox Hall landfill diversion program begun in January 2016
All Charged Up (Team Leader – Alison Agnew):implemented a rechargeable battery system for use in the Miller-Ward Alumni House’s public room A/V equipment and the alumni photographer’s camera

Congratulations to the following Certified Green Offices!
  • Anthropology Department - GOLD
  • Candler School of Theology - SILVER
  • Dance and Movement Studies - GOLD
  • Division of Animal Resources, Whitehead location, School of Medicine - SILVER
  • Economics Department - BRONZE
  • Emergency Medicine Department - GOLD
  • Emory Alumni Association - BRONZE
  • Emory Clinic, 12 Executive Park - BRONZE
  • Emory Dining - SILVER
  • Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO), Whitehead location - BRONZE
  • German Studies Department - SILVER
  • Institute of Quantitative Theory and Methods - BRONZE
  • MBA Office - BRONZE
  • Music and Media Library - BRONZE
  • Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies - BRONZE
  • Office of Equity and Inclusion - BRONZE
  • Office of Undergraduate Education - BRONZE
  • Opthalmology Department, School of Medicine
  • Pediatrics Department - BRONZE
  • Residence Life and Housing - SILVER
  • Russian and East Asian Languages - BRONZE
  • Yerkes 2013 - SILVER

  • Anthropology Department
  • MBA Office
  • Emory Alumni Association
  • Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Yerkes Room 2013
  • Residence Life and Housing
  • Department of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures Anthropology
  • Oxford College of Academic Affairs

    Pilot Green Office Program
    In November 2013, Emory launched the Green Office Pilot Program with 12 Green Office Pilot offices across campus. The offices completed an initial checklist review of their current office practices, selected sustainable actions to implement through the pilot, and actively worked with the Green Office Team to implement these action items over the remainder of the year. Special thanks to our 12 Green Office Pilots for their innovation and participation in the Green Office Pilot Program:

    Green Office Champion : Participating Office
    Amish Mody : Law School Operations
    Michelle Papotto : Turner Environmental Law Clinic
    John Sisk : Financial Aid Office
    Colin Kirkman : Anthropology Department
    Emily Looney : Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness
    Andrea Lentz : Office for Undergraduate Education
    Emily Stills, Lorenza Houser : Psychology Department
    Jackie Reese : Office of Equity and Inclusion
    Deena Keeler : Exterior Services Department
    Kate Hodgins : Environmental Health Department, Rollins School of Public Health
    Amy Covington : Oxford College Academic Services Office
    Regina Barrett : Oxford College Academic Affairs Office

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