Sustainability Incentives Fund
Consider Using the Stairs

Applications for the 2016-2017 Incentives Fund are not yet being accepted. The application will open on September 2016!

The Office of Sustainability Initiatives provides the Sustainability Incentives Fund to support research, campus-based projects, and the development of new rituals to promote sustainability on Emory's campuses. Creative proposals are welcomed that seek new knowledge, support new behavior patterns, and foster cultural change. Grants may be awarded up to $3,000.

Faculty, staff, and students from Emory University and Emory Healthcare are eligible to apply for the Sustainability Incentives Fund. Funds may be used for supplies, materials, publicity, and travel costs. Proposals are welcome in all areas, with priority given to proposals in the areas of waste, sustainable food, energy, alternative transportation, and connection to "place." Research and rituals must be carried out on campus.

Questions? Contact the Office of Sustainability Initiatives at emorysustainability@emory.edu.

Applications will be due to in October 2016. Please submit applications in a Word document saved in the format: ôLast name_First name (of project lead)_2016. Projects must be completed by July 2017.

All faculty, staff and students at Emory, including Emory Healthcare and Oxford College are eligible to apply. Teams applications are encouraged. All student applications must include approval from a faculty advisor.

Upon completion:
Recipients must submit a one-page summary and outcomes report in Word document format to the Office of Sustainability Initiatives within one month of project completion. Those completing research projects may be asked to make a short public presentation. Grant recipients must submit receipts for all expenditures; budget alterations must receive prior approval.

Application review process:
A committee of faculty, staff, and students select grant recipients based on the following criteria:

1.Relevance of the project to Emory's 2005-2015 Sustainability Vision, Emory's Draft 2016-2025 Sustainability Vision and/or Emory's Climate Action Plan
2.Clarity and feasibility of the proposal, including clear goals and objectives
3. Sustained impact and reach of proposed project
4. Innovation and creativity to address complex sustainability-related challenges
5. Relevant skills and experience of project personnel

If not selected, applicants may request feedback to help guide future grant requests.

Past Recipients and Project Descriptions
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