Zero Waste Ambassador Blog: How to Solve Our Waste Exporting Problem

How to Solve Our Waste Exporting Problem By: Jack Miklaucic, Sophomore in Emory College, Environmental Science and PPL double-major The United States produces the third most waste per capita in the world, coming in at 25.9 metric tons per person and 8.4 billion metric tons per year (1). This gargantuan amount of waste demands the … Continue Reading →

Following Emory’s Waste: Where Does It Go And Who Does It Affect?

Historically, waste has been a burden placed on vulnerable and marginalized communities, so our office wanted to follow Emory’s waste by using the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice tool to see which communities are being affected. We hope that contextualizing where our waste goes will remind us that there is no “away” when we throw … Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Ambassador Blog: Coronavirus Plastic Crusade: Fight it, Don’t Join It

Coronavirus Plastic Crusade: Fight it, Don’t Join It By Davida Halev, Senior in Emory College, Sociology Major and Sustainability Minor COVID-19 has reinvigorated plastic consumption and production in industry and in our personal lives. Drop in petroleum prices and lifestyle changes – specifically, increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and single-use plastics (SUPs) – … Continue Reading →

Emory compost streams temporarily diverted to landfills

By: Emory Report Emory Campus Services has announced that the university’s compost streams — including food waste from kitchens and green bins around campus, as well as animal bedding — are being temporarily sent to landfills. This short-term diversion was necessitated when the vendors that haul and process Emory’s compost either went out of business or … Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Ambassador Blog: Compost, Now!

Compost, Now! By Davida Halev, Senior in Emory College, Sociology Major and Sustainability Minor Georgia has a food problem and it’s not what you think it is. Despite one out of every seven Georgians being food insecure, over 800,000 tons of food waste ends up in Georgia landfills each year (Georgia Environmental Protection Division). In … Continue Reading →

New Emory filters save energy and reduce waste!

Emory is currently using MERV 13 High capacity Bag filters on several of the larger lab buildings, including Atwood Chemistry Building.  There are 3 advantages to these new filters. Saves fan energy through a lower pressure drop; it’s small at 59234 KW/yr. Saves labor, as they last 1.5 yrs. Reducing about 4 trips by the … Continue Reading →

Recycling Competition

Throughout November, Emory buildings will compete to increase landfill waste diversion weights during this November compared to the previous November. Occupants of the winning building will receive $3,000 to spend on an innovative project aimed at increasing landfill diversion in the building.

Dont Dump It! Donate It.

At the end of each school year, Housing, Campus Services teams, and the Office of Sustainability Initiatives partner to provide donation bins and trucks for all on-campus residence to donate items that can be used, instead of throwing them in dumpsters to be sent to landfill. More information and program dates can be found here. … Continue Reading →