An inclusive approach to Wellbeing

Wellness Highlights

  • Fitness challenges encourage students, faculty, and staff to stay active by competing in guided one to three-week exercise competitions.
  • Nutrition workshops connect the Emory community with registered dieticians, offer advice on healthy eating habits, and provide new, healthy, and affordable recipes.
  • The Wellness Program partners with Emory’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to address stress risk and management and ensure that student’s mental health needs are met.

The Wellness Program is integral to the creation of a sustainable, healthy living community at Emory. It focuses on three areas: physical activity, healthy eating, and stress management.

Wellness Benefits

  • Emory University is committed to providing programs and resources that promote the health, sustainability, and over all well-being of the community.
  • The Wellness Program offers a variety of activities that help individuals and groups get active, learn how to eat well, and manage the many stressors that come with working at or attending an institute of higher learning.
  • Healthy Emory is a related initiative that started in 2013 to promote healthy practices, recreation, fitness, and well-being across the Emory community. Healthy Emory focuses on making health resources and information accessible and creating a culture of healthy living through services, programs, and activities.

How It Works

  • Join ActiveWorks, a campaign to promote movement throughout the day. Learn how to add more activity to your day as you move around campus and take a few minutes to stretch and breath.
  • Find or create a walking group with the other students or co-workers.
  • Try new Healthy Recipes and join a Nutrition Challenge to win prizes and learn how to introduce fruits and vegetables to your diet.


dollars from student meal plans spent at the Farmers Market since Fall 2015.