July is Climate Justice and Environmental Justice July!

From the placement of landfills to the impacts of extreme weather events, it is apparent that climate change and other environmental issues disproportionately and unjustly affect communities of color and low-income neighborhoods, worsening existing health disparities and overall wellness and wealth-building. We challenge our sustainability network to educate ourselves on the importance of climate justice and environmental justice and how we can all further these movements.

Emory Farmers Market Tour

Cox Hall Bridge 569 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, Atlanta

Have you been curious about what the Emory Farmers Market has to offer and how you can shop there to eat more nutritious and delicious foods? Join Taylor Spicer, the Co-Manager of the Farmers Market and Programs Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, to learn more about the market, seasonal fruits and vegetables, ways … Continue Reading →

Emory Community Conversation

Digital Conversation via Zoom

Dr. Valerie Babb and Dr. Jessica Lynn Stewart will lead us in a conversation on the construction of race, the difficulties individuals experience with Black versus African American, intraracial dynamics, and the many intersections of the Black identity. Join us for this honest conversation.