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Virtual Earth Month – Reuse Resources

April 23, 2020

#Reuse: Did you know that all water on Earth is actually reused and recycled in some way? The WaterHub at Emory, celebrating its 5th anniversary this month, was the first facility of its kind in the U.S. to harness the power of nature to recycle and reuse sewer water and greywater for campus utilities purposes. The ways in which the WaterHub has made our campus more sustainable and resilient sheds light on the benefits of water reuse. By practicing water stewardship at home and in your communities, you too can harness the power of nature!

Explore Emory’s reflections on 5 years of water reclamation innovation, research, and global outreachhere: https://news.emory.edu/features/2020/04/waterhub/index.html

It’s a particularly wet day in Atlanta, and that means ample opportunities to (re)use and take advantage of rainwater! Today, and for all the rainy days to follow, consider one (or all!) of these ideas to reuse this valuable resource and even reduce water bills:

1. Skip watering the lawn and garden, turn off any sprinkler timers, and let rain do the job
2. Collect extra rainwater with planters, buckets, or ideally a rain barrel to water your plants once it’s dry again
3. Use the collected water to wash your bike, car, pets or other items
4. Flush your toilets or fill your washing machine tub with the collected water
5. Whenever you do shower, collect water in buckets as the water is warming up and reuse it for these same purposes

#EarthDayEveryDay #AtHomeActivism