Emory’s Freezer Challenge Pilot Study- Heemstra

“[During the Emory Freezer Challenge,] we definitely learned more about not only how to be more efficient with our cold storage units, but became more aware of other areas we could improve (closing hood sashes, unplugging things when not in use).”

Emory’s Freezer Challenge Pilot Study- Salaita

“[The Freezer Challenge] brought awareness to the fact that we need to defrost and organize our refrigerator more efficiently in order to maintain sustainable lab practices, as well [as] help us do our lab more efficiently.”

Green Labs at Emory is a voluntary, collaborative effort between the University’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives, Environmental Health and Safety Office, Campus Services and Office of Procurement. Beginning as a pilot in 2014 with 14 laboratories, it is now a university-wide program with dozens of certified labs across all campuses.

Emory’s national work on laboratory sustainability Emory is a member of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) University Alliance working group and co-chairs an I2SL Landfill Diversion working group. For more information on Emory’s work with this organization on lab sustainability, contact greenlabs@emory.edu.