Make Your Personal Sustainability Pledge

While the University has committed itself to achieving overall sustainability, it will take the active participation of the entire Emory community to pitch in, turn off, conserve and re-evaluate daily habits for Emory to realize its vision.

We invite you to pledge your efforts to address energy, sustainable food, water conservation, green space, commuting, recycling, and other sustainability issues when at Emory and at home.

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1. Commit to THREE items from the pledge (Choose “I will do this”)
2. Tell us what you are ALREADY doing (Choose “I do this”)
You don’t have to respond to each item. Choose “skip this” if a particular item doesn’t work for you. Use the bar at the top of each page to move through the pledge.
3. Encourage THREE friends to take the pledge.

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Tell us what other actions you plan to take or would like to see included in the pledge. If you have a story about how you have made a difference, share it with us below.

Welcome Back!

Based on your pledged commitments, your total CO2 savings is:




Based on the efforts you are already doing, your total CO2 savings is:





Did you keep your pledge? If so, move all of your "I will do this" to "I already do this" to have your pledged actions added to your total CO2 savings. Then choose three new items to renew your pledge today


Renew my Pledge

Thank you for making a personal sustainability pledge.

Your individual contribution makes a big difference in helping Emory reach its sustainability goals.

Great work! Your pledged sustainability actions will realize a total annual CO2 savings of tons, which is the equivalent of
If you keep your new commitment, your actions will achieve the following carbon savings:

And, this CO2 savings will be in addition to your current efforts. Based on what you are already doing, your current total CO2 savings is tons. Be sure to renew your pledge each semester. We will store your data so you can keep adding to your total – and the total savings for the Emory community as a whole.

Now that you have taken the pledge, please encourage three friends to take it.

Learn more about Emory’s commitment to sustainability To learn more about the impact of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on global climate change, see the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s series of reports.

1. This calculator estimates greenhouse gas emissions in terms of carbon dioxide equivalents on the basis of each greenhouse gas’ global warming potential using standard protocols. The focus of the calculator is carbon dioxide since the other greenhouse gases represent a much smaller percentage of emissions associated with each pledge activity.

These calculations are based on a series of assumptions–learn more about how your carbon dioxide and related equivalencies were determined using the EPA calculator.