A model for sustainable and healthy living

At its core, sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the opportunities of tomorrow. At Emory University, we believe in the potential of every member of our community, and that's why we are strive to serve as a model of transformative practice and sustainable choices at every level.

From the copy room to the operating room, from the classroom to the residence hall, the Emory Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) guides the efforts to meet the challenges of sustainability across all of Emory University, Oxford College and Emory Healthcare. Emory OSI carries out this imperative by helping to restore the global ecosystem, fostering healthy living and reducing the University’s impact on the local environment.

Founded in 2006, Emory OSI has firmly established the University’s place as a sustainability leader in higher education. Building on a decade of accomplishment to enhance sustainability at Emory University, Oxford College and Emory Healthcare, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives has worked with representatives of many academic, operational, and healthcare units to carry out a strategic planning effort to chart the next five to ten years. The effort resulted in the Sustainability Vision & Strategic Plan, 2025, which guides the enterprise’s efforts to be a model of transformative practices and sustainable choices at every level.



The Office of Sustainability Initiatives team works with leaders and representatives to integrate sustainability into both the operational and academic functions of the entire Emory enterprise, including all academic locations and health care facilities across the state. Learn more

History & Awards

Emory’s sustainability achievements are nationally-recognized. Emory is among the top ten most sustainable universities in the nation, according to AASHE’s 2017 Sustainable Campus Index. Since the Office of Sustainability Initiatives was founded in 2006, it has garnered a lengthy list of accolades. Most recently, the WaterHub won the 2018 IDEA Innovation Award for its impressive water reclamation and reuse. Learn more