A community effort to affect change

In light of current global challenges and as part of Emory's commitment to positive transformation in the world, Emory has identified sustainability as a top priority of the University. Our programs allow us to achieve progress using the environmental, economic, and social "triple bottom line" of sustainability.

Biking at Emory

Getting around on two wheels

Emory as Place

Discover. Inhabit. Sustain.

Emory Farmers Market

Creating a community for local food

Green Labs at Emory

Integrating sustainable practices into lab operations and management

Living Wage

Committed to fair compensation for all employees and contractors

Renewable Energy

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels has social, economic, and environmental benefits

Sustainable Commuting

Better choices for the environment

Sustainable Investment

Responsible and ethical investments have local and global impacts

Sustainable Studies

Integrating sustainability into everything we do

The Piedmont Project

Cutting across curriculum boundaries

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Emory accelerates student and community sustainable development leadership and progress towards a more sustainable future


An inclusive approach to wellbeing