Oxford College
Oxford College Sustainability Action Plan

Thanks to their hard work on the campus's trees, Oxford College is now a member of Georgia’s Tree Campus USA program! Learn more here.

Oxford College Sustainability Action Plan

A group of faculty, staff, and alumni, with the assistance of outside experts, have developed the Oxford Sustainability Action Plan to help us reduce our environmental impact and provide a more sustainable, harmonious relationship with the world around us.

Identified below are 14 initiatives grouped respectively under five themes taken directly from the framework of the University’s Sustainability Vision for Emory (2006).

Teams will offer a series of workshops for all stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The products of each workshop will be shared with the entire Oxford community. Specifically, each workshop is expected to result in:
  1. An overview of sustainable practices in use elsewhere that offer possible approaches that Oxford may consider;
  2. An analysis of the current situation on the Oxford campus;
  3. A report on Oxford’s effort to improve sustainability on this issue thus far;
  4. Recommendations for improvement, including implementation strategies;
  5. Establishment of metrics by which to measure progress;
  6. Integration of the solution set into campus structure;
  7. Identification of research and learning opportunities for students

Theme One: Healthy Ecosystem Context
Initiative One: Sense of Place
Initiative Two: Forest Restoration
Initiative Three: Stormwater Management

Theme Two: Healthy University Function in the Built Environment
Initiative Four: Energy Reduction
Initiative Five: Water Conservation
Initiative Six: Waste Reduction
Initiative Seven: Built Environment
Initiative Eight: Green Purchasing

Theme Three: Healthy University Structures, Leadership, and Participation
Initiative Nine: OSAP Organization and Support Systems

Theme Four: Healthy Living-Learning-Working Community
Initiative Ten: Sustainable Food
Initiative Eleven: Transportation
Initiative Twelve: Healthy Lifestyles
Initiative Thirteen: Broader Oxford Community

Theme Five: Education and Research
Initiative Fourteen:Curricular Focus on Sustainability