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Local teachers get their hands dirty during the Oxford Institute for Environmental Education program.
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The Office of Sustainability works with centers and programs across the Emory campus and Emory Healthcare to further Emory's sustainability goals.

ILA Minor in Sustainability Studies

The minor in Sustainability offers students a focused curriculum that incorporates the social, environmental and economic issues facing sustainability efforts. The Minor in Sustainability requires six courses: two core courses and four elective courses. The core courses include IDS 206—an introductory team-taught course—and a two-hour Capstone Seminar. Students minoring in Sustainability will be required to demonstrate their developing body of knowledge and the integration of that knowledge across fields with an electronic portfolio that will be reviewed by a faculty steering committee. View the brochure here.


Climate@Emory is an inter-disciplinary, university-wide initiative to advance climate change scholarship, teaching, partnership, and engagement at Emory and beyond. Drawing on the expertise of more than 50 faculty and staff from over 20 departments, Climate@Emory is pursuing three strategic priorities: research and scholarship, community and policy engagement, and teaching and engaged learning. For more information about Climate@Emory, please email the program.

ENVS Minor in Sustainability Sciences

A Minor in Sustainability Sciences (SSC) is available through the Department of Environmental Sciences (ENVS). The sequence of six courses for the minor includes an introductory course, a methods course, three electives from ENVS course offerings of natural and social sciences, and a Service Learning course. A dedicated full-time ENVS faculty member, Dr. John Wegner, who has wide-ranging experience and established relationships with the environmental community in Atlanta and Georgia, will teach the Service Learning course. Students considering the minor are invited to contact Dr. Shaunna Donaher for additional information.

Master's in Development Practice

One of the most pressing challenges of our time is achieving sustainable development in the face of global poverty, political and ethnic conflict, a degrading natural resource base, and irreversible climate change. The Master's in Development Practice (MDP) program at Emory University is designed to meet that challenge by combining hands-on learning and field experience with rigorous training in a broad range of academic disciplines. This integrated approach aims to produce a new generation of development professionals - prepared and committed to serving as catalysts to efforts by vulnerable and marginalized communities to pursue livelihood security, economic opportunity, political empowerment, and enhanced human capabilities.

The MDP program is a two year course of study and practice that builds on an organic fusion of scientific disciplines, development themes, and pragmatic skills.I n addition to the academic resources of a major research university, Emory's MDP program capitalizes on its partnership with established international development and research organizations like CARE, the Carter Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Environmental Sciences

The Environmental Sciences department at Emory offers an interdisciplinary and integrative program designed to equip students with basic skills, capabilities, and knowledge to confront a suite of environmental issues. Departmental course offerings may lead to a Master's of Public Health, a Bachelor of Science, or a Bachelor of Arts, as well as a minor in Environmental Sciences. The department also offers field and integrative courses that compel students to synthesize concepts, methods and practice from relevant disciplines of the environment. Student internships and undergraduate research opportunities are emphasized.

Concentration in Environment and Sustainability Management

The Concentration in Environment and Sustainability Management is a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Sciences in Emory College and the Goizueta Business School BBA Program. Participation is limited to BBA students and students who are Environmental Sciences majors.

This concentration provides knowledge, competencies and experiences for BA, BS and BBA students interested in pursuing careers in environmental management. BBA students who complete this concentration will focus on the history, politics and practice of the environmental fields. Environmental Sciences students who complete the concentration will acquire grounding in business principles and practices, including management, marketing, finance and strategy. All students will be required to pursue business-related and environmentally focused industry-related electives and to participate in a capstone course that will give them the opportunity to synthesize and validate their evolving perspectives in both an academic and an applied environment.

Oxford Institute for Environmental Education

The Oxford Institute for Environmental Education (OIEE) is designed to help teachers -- regardless of background or grade level -- develop their own teaching plans using their school yards for scientific investigation. For 10 days in the summer, participating teachers from across Georgia and the southeast learn the basic principles of ecology in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, how to apply this knowledge to lesson plans, and how to develop their school yards for environmental education. At a follow-up meeting in the fall, teachers share their experiences in implementing their teaching plans and discuss continuing projects.

For more information on the Office of Sustainability Initiative's involvement at Emory and beyond, please hover over the Community Outreach header, which includes details about the Piedmont Project and other programs and partners.

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