June 10, 2009
Source: Piedmont 2008

Stauff, Paula
Health, PE & Dance

Project Summary

I have been increasingly aware of our rapidly growing rates of consumption of all resources, and I am looking for possible ways to educate current and future generations about the consequences of our daily choices and actions, both small and large. I also know from experience how ineffective it is to stand up on a soapbox and lecture on facts which ring alarm bells for me, but are “inconvenient truths” to many people. The group experience of the Piedmont Project was a wonderful model in both small group and large group discussion, drawing out the beautiful variety of strengths, perspectives, expertise, humor, and communication styles that are the richness of the Emory faculty. My goal when applying for the Piedmont Project was to adapt my existing Scuba Diving course to encompass sustainability themes such as ocean conservation and fishing practices. I already devote one class session to small group presentations on aquatic environment/conservation issues, but I want to expand the scope to make it a recurring theme which builds as they develop their understanding of their role and responsibility as human beings and as scuba divers. This workshop helped stimulate thinking about ways to incorporate assignments in which the students have some freedom to choose topics of interest to them, and allow them to express their points of view to their peers. Two limitations I needed to be mindful of: a) this is a 1-credit PE class, and the out-of-class work could not be too time consuming or feel too much like homework, and b) all the other course content needs to be covered, for reasons of safety and liability. All assignments and homework are graded pass/fail, the criteria being whether or not it is handed in on time. Below is the syllabus for the upcoming semester. The sustainability-related assignments are listed at the bottom, after a lot of daunting specifics about course requirements.

Download: Stauf.pdf (74.1 KB)

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