April 20, 2009
Source: Piedmont 2003

Kjelgaard, Julia
Visual Arts Program


Project Summary

The proposed Piedmont Project was to develop a course in the Visual Arts Program--Art Hist 393 Special Topics in Landscape Drawing and Painting--that would concentrate on the traditional genre of Landscape Drawing and Painting, and at the same time update it, and reconfigure it to include more specific environmental information.

While a good beginning idea, the ramifications of the participation in the Piedmont Project has been far ranging both in the scope of what I can hope to accomplish. Because of ideas that surfaced during the project, I can increase the historical, social, cultural, political and ecological knowledge of the students at the same time that we experiment with a wide variety of landscape drawing and painting.

The Piedmont Project forced me to think about landscape in its many forms and transformed my ideas of how to present the materials. In particular, my ideas have expanded out of the classical idea of drawing from the pastoral landscape and into ideas that incorporate the complex urban environment in which we live. In addition, I will incorporate other ways to look at the ideas of landscape and their inter-relations with the politics, culture, social structure and environment of our lives. Because of this, the class will become a writing and research class as well as a studio class. Several projects will involve teams of students pursuing research together.

In the first draft of the syllabus I have incorporated both guest speakers and frequent field trips. In the future I would like to incorporate a several day field trip so that the students have an opportunity to study a landscape over some time and to become more familiar through repeated observation, changes of weather, and more consistent removal from the urban world. Possibilities for this include the Georgia coastal islands like Ossabaw, the Northern Georgia area around Rabun Gap and Highland, or the Chattahoochee River area and I will continue to pursue this idea and a funding source for it.

Course Syllabus attached.

Download: Kjelgaard_2003.pdf (67.7 KB)

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